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Integrated solution providers in Design & Engineering.

nCLO3URE is a firm of consulting and designing engineers dedicated to providing practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions to problems in both new and existing buildings. With Principals combining more than half a century of experience with enclosure design, we have successfully provided solutions for buildings and structures involving virtually every conceivable construction material, structural system, and architectural component. nCLO3URE’s personnel are leaders in their respective professions and bring with them a level of collective wisdom and expertise that can only be gained through direct, hands-on experience in architectural and structural engineering, materials conservation, and instrumentation. In the context of building enclosure design, performance verification, commissioning, and quality assurance services, nCLO3URE remains at the forefront of this process and is recognized in the Gulf for its commitment to ensuring the delivery of energy efficient, environmentally conscious, technically sound, safe, and serviceable buildings and structures.


We offer a suite of consultation, design and engineering services to our clients, helping them with efficient, effective and aesthetically engaging solutions.

We have multiple years in delivering high end design, engineering and consultation deliverables to our clients in the U.A.E, Middle East, U.S.A, Australia and Asia. Whatever the ambition is we are here to help you every step of the way.

Building Enclosure Consulting
Litigation Support and Consulting
Peer Review Services
Field Testing Services
Bid Review and Evaluation

Facade Design Third Party Review
Building Enclosure Design and Engineering

Structural and Thermal Engineering
Failure and Damage Investigations
Curtainwall Quality Assurance
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Curtainwall Testing


We are a team of professional, experts in our domain. With a heavy bag of projects, products and designs. A plethora of technical know-how and skill set always coupled with creative sparks. How can we help you?

Gilles Vandevoorde
Gilles Vandevoorde

Managing Partner

Jules Jim Obcena
Jules Jim Obcena

Partner, Operations Director

Eugene Austria

Structural Engineer

Shein De Guzman

Senior Structural Engineer

Russell Santos

BIM 3D Team Lead

Giovanni Garica


Jonil Arbasto

Senior Designer

Joselyn Villanueva


Solomon Bandola

Facade Designer

Naveen Balaji

IT Manager

Phases of Design & Engineering


We have over 40+ highly qualified, experienced and ambitious experts across 3 countries.

Landmark Projects


We had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients from all corners of the world

Landmark Projects

Landmark Projects

Over 20+ landmark Projects in the last 18 months.