Building Science Excellence

Building Science excellence:  O3 is one of the world’s leading and most trusted building science, design and engineering, and project management consultancy group.  The O3 group of companies includes nCLO3URE and nCO3PASS. At O3, we are proud of innovative ideas that surely make a difference in the way our clients do business.  We are committed in enhancing human lives in various communities for projects we are involved in.  We maintain its stature in the business as one of the most reliable and credible consultancy firm.  O3 exists to deliver the highest degree of satisfaction to our valued clients by providing results of excellent quality.  Building Science Excellence is our goal for all ourprojects.


nCLO3URE is a firm of consulting and designing engineers dedicated to providing practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions to problems for both new and existing buildings. Our Principals combine more than half a century of experience with enclosure design.  As a result, We have successfully provided services and solutions for buildings and structures involving virtually every conceivable construction material, structural system, and architectural component. Moreover, nCLO3URE’s personnel are leaders in their respective professions and bring with them a level of collective wisdom and expertise that can only be gained through direct, hands-on experience. In the context of building enclosure design, performance verification, commissioning, and quality assurance services, nCLO3URE is at the forefront of this process and is recognized for its commitment to ensuring the delivery of energy efficient, environmentally conscious, technically sound, safe, and serviceable buildings and structures.


nCO3PASS is a multi-discipline architectural consultancy practice.  Above all, nCO3PASS is made up of talented professionals with a flair for intelligent, creative, and efficient designs to suit the stakeholder needs covering all aspects of design, engineering, and project management.  Meanwhile, our diverse background allows us to provide consultancy services for a wide range of projects, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.  Initialy established in 1976 in U.A.E., nCO3PASS has been involved in many prestigious projects and has experienced substantial and steady growth within the construction industry.

Building Enclosure Consulting, Design & Engineering, since 1976