Our HistoryOrganic and aquisition growth:

In 2015, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Inc. (WJE) created their office in the UAE.  WJE is a construction consulting firm primarily established in the USA and headquartered in Northbrook, Il.  O3 ’s actual owners were part of WJE’s founding efforts in the UAE.  Later in 2016, 100% of WJE’s ownership in UAE was transferred to the actual owners. Subsequently, the company was renamed nCLO3URE.  In 2018, the office in Manilla, Philippines was created as a main drafting and programming hub. Recently, our first office in the USA was established in the suburbs of Columbus, OH to service the market in North America.

In 2019, O3’s shareholders aquired 100% of Regnault and Partners established in 1976 in the UAE.  Subsequently, the company was renamed nCO3PASS.

All O3 companies have extensive experience in a wide range of projects with comprehensive involvement in: Buildings, Industrial, Oilfield (Oil and Gas), Infrastructure, Residential, Retail, Schools / Institutional, Tourism and Leisure, Government Building, Urban development, Environment, Healthcare, and Fit-out projects.

We are looking forward to our future organic and aquisition growth.

Building Enclosure Consulting, Design & Engineering, since 1976