Our Professional People

Our Professional People

Firstly, with our professional people operating from the USA, the UAE and the Philippines, nCLO3URE has the resources to respond to virtually any problem.  As a result, O3 offer a wide range of technical services and expertise in all aspects of design and construction technology.

Furthermore, with owners combining more than half a century of experience with enclosure design, O3 have successfully designed, evaluated and developed repair, rehabilitation, and restoration designs for buildings and structures involving virtually every conceivable construction material, structural system, and architectural component.  Similarly, O3’s personnel are leaders in their respective professions and bring with them a level of collective wisdom and expertise that can only be gained through direct, hands-on experience in architectural, structural and thermal engineering.

Above all, we renew and expand regularly our knowledge on new technologies, problem-solving techniques, and lessons learned from recent case study projects within the industry.  Finally, our professionals are available to study your queries.

Gilles Vandevoorde
Gilles Vandevoorde

Managing Partner

Jules Obcena
Jules Jim Obcena

Partner, Operations Director

Shein De Guzman

Senior Structural Engineer

Eugene Austria

Structural Engineer

Russell Santos

BIM 3D Team Lead

Giovanni Garcia


Jonil Arbasto

Senior Designer

Joselyn Villanueva


Our Professional People
Solomon Bandola

Facade Designer

Naveen Balaji

IT Manager

Building Enclosure Consulting, Design & Engineering, since 1976