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Al Maryah Central, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Maryah Central, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Al Maryah Central Mall, on Al Maryah Island, includes new boutiques and top international fashion brands, along with a chic dining district.

Client: Brookfield Multiplex Middle East, Dubai UAE
Services: Façade design review, Testing, Factory inspections
Developer: Gulf Related
Architect: AECOM

The Architectural diversity of cladding types along the 4 facades and the roof of the building associated with the schedule of works delivering the projects in phases increased the technical complexity and coordination required during the pre-construction phase. The pre-construction and construction phases were also loaded with cladding material testing requirements. During the construction phase, the client and project consultant required quality control inspections at the different factories of the five appointed cladding subcontractors and some of their related product manufacturers.


The Al Maryah Central Mall, on Al Maryah Island, includes new boutiques and top international fashion brands, along with a chic dining district.
The 2.8 million sq. ft. mall features the first Macy’s outside of the United States; the first Bloomingdale’s in Abu Dhabi part of the 400 store retail offering. Al Maryah Central also includes restaurants and cafés, cinemas, a medical center, a crèche, a health-club, a public library, a food market as well as three rooftop parks atop the mall.
Al Maryah Central is seamlessly linked to the adjacent property, The Galleria and its luxury waterfront shopping and dining destination.


Pre-Construction services: nCLO3URE’s engineers reviewed and provided a written summary of issues and concerns identified during the  review of shop drawings, structural and thermal calculations, technical data, and related information submitted by the building enclosure suppliers, subcontractors, and trades.  Of particular concern during these reviews was the information submitted in support of thermal, acoustic, and structural performance as well as interface detailing between subcontractors and trades necessary to ensure continuity of environmental control layers and effective management of heat, air, and moisture transfer. Of particular concern, Fire and Life safety requirements were reviewed to cope with the newly launched Fire and Life Safety code in the UAE.  Other consideration specific to AL Maryah Island such as blast resistant facades was part of the reviews.

Construction services:  nCLO3URE’s engineers reviewed testing plans and witnessed multiple materiel testing such as anchorage pull out, GFRC panel pull out, glass balustrade impact testing, material testing of 9 different stone types, and post breakage fragility testing for skylight glass. CWCT, ASTM, BS EN, AAMA and bespoke methods were used during the different testing sessions. 

nCLO3URE’s engineers provided a written Quality Inspection Plan for the 3 coat epoxy finish of all exposed cladding secondary steel structure replacing the specified Stainless Steel secondary structure.  nCLO3URE’s engineers inspected daily the manufactured steel structure following the written QIP.