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Aldar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Aldar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Voted ‘Best Futuristic Design 2008’ by the Building Exchange Conference, ALDAR HQ offers flexible office accommodation to international corporations.

Client: Laing O’Rourke, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Services: Façade Design
Developer: ALDAR Properties
Architect: MZ & Partners

Voted ‘Best Futuristic Design 2008’ by the Building Exchange Conference, HQ offers flexible office accommodation to international corporations. ALDAR HQ’s floorplates retain a high level of efficiency and provide functional, open plan office space capable of accommodating a multitude of arrangements. Set upon an elevated peninsula affording spectacular views of the city, canal and sea, ALDAR HQ’s excellent location provides an unparalleled working environment through the integration of exceptional services and facilities as well as proximity to leisure and retail outlets located in Al Dana and throughout Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi.​


Designed by MZ & Partners, The ALDAR HQ building is the first circular building of its kind in the Middle East. The final surface of the façade is derived from the intersection of a torus and a cylinder forming the final elevations of the building. The perimeter of the occupied floors are encased by a series of crisscrossing diagonal steel columns intersecting at points, called nodes, along the outer shell. This “Diagrid” creates diamond structures with diagonal steel support beams. The regular and repetitive form of the diagrid results in a structure that is uniformly resilient without any inherently vulnerable points. The extent that the circle is embedded in the ground was designed around the golden ratio. ALDAR HQ is also known as the coin building.


nCLO3URE’s Jules Jim Obcena was Chief Engineer of Permasteelisa -Gartner Middle East, Dubai Office, who spearheaded the structural, thermal engineering, and performance compliance efforts for all the façade systems.
East & West Facade
The typical unitized curtain wall is composed of triangular-shaped panel one floor high and 3.2m wide pointing either up or down. Each panel consists of four triangular insulated glass units structurally glazed in the factory to secondary extruded cassette frames which are then mechanically fixed to the main aluminium framing. This solution meets the project requirement of non-site applied structural silicone for glass replacement. The panel support is a bracket system composed of extruded high strength aluminum profiles providing adjustment on all directions. Due to the mullion inclination in section and elevation, hook brackets are notched uniquely from each other. The structural system relies on the interlocking of the male & female profiles on all three sides to the adjacent panels for wind load transfer. With limited externally exposed frames achieved thru stepped edge insulated glass, the need for thermal breaks was avoided.
North & South Conical Glazing
Running top to bottom from level 1 to level 23, the unitized panel system required both sloped-in and sloped-out glass configurations and gutter drainage solutions. Stack joints are positioned at the finished floor level at horizontal orientation. Panels are triangular in shape, the bottom panel having the largest dimensions at 5.8m H x 3.5m W.