O3 offers consulting, design and engineering services for the building industry meeting requirements for a wide range of façade types ensuring performance including workability which means real value for the client. O3 principals have collective in-depth understanding of façade systems, materials and performances gained through extensive experience which allows us to provide solutions that eliminate problems before they become issues on the job site.  O3  engineers and architects continuously complement our pool of technical know-how by keeping abreast with changing standards, codes and regulations, new materials and technologies.

Façade Design and Consulting

– Complete System Development

– Proposal and Bid Drawings

– Extrusion Die Drawings

– Extrusion Confirmation

– 2D and 3D Detailing

– Interface Detailing

– Shopdrawings

– Extrusion Die Drawings

– Part Fabrication Drawings

– Unit Assembly Drawings

– Elevation Tag Drawings

– Installation Diagrams

– Mock-Up Drawings

– Peer Review Services

– Third Party Review

– Project Specification Writing

– Field Testing Services

– Site Observation, Factory Inspection and Quality Assurance Services

– Thermal Imaging Services

– Building Envelope Condition Assessments

– Diagnostic Analysis and Failure Investigation Services

– Glass Consulting

– Performance Test Observation and Witnessing

Façade Structural and Thermal Engineering

– Full Scope Detailed Curtain Wall Engineering Analysis

– Buckling and Stability Analysis

– Finite Element Analysis

– Parametric Structural Engineering Analysis

– Large Deflection and Membrane Stress Analysis

– Thermal U-value Calculations (NFRC, EN ISO, CWCT)

– Condensation Assessments

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

O3 has extensive experience and capabilities in Façade BIM to execute 3D projects using a range of software/ applications such as AutoCad 3D, Revit, Rhino, Inventor, Solid Works, Navisworks, Tekla. Façades have become very complex in shape, size, and appearance. BIM helps to enhance design and systems analysis, construction planning and management, and communication and coordination between designers, fabricators, contractors and installers. Our Facade BIM modeling team has proven expertise for projects of varying complexity including parametric structures, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings,

– Rationalization or Panel Module Optimization of Free-Flowing and

– Parametric Geometry

– Clash Detection Between Façade Elements and Surrounding Construction

– Overall Coordination with Architectural, Structural and MEP Works

– 3D Façade Shopdrawings and Fabrication Documentation

– Detailed Take-Off Extraction

– Coordinates Extraction for Installation

– Compliance with Client BIM LOD Requirements